Hairy Mulligan: The Band

  • David Griffin - Vox

    David Griffin - Vox

    "Hairy Mulligan is an all-out celebration of great rock n roll!!! Come out to the shows...ask around...the band/audience connection is true magic!!! It has been a pleasure to share the music and chat with you all at the gigs!!! We are all fans of the music!!! For those of you that have experienced us before, you know that I give to the music everything I've got and you, in turn, never cease to amaze me!!! THANK YOU!!!"

  • Rob Robbins - Lead/Rhythm Guitars

    Rob Robbins - Lead/Rhythm Guitars

    Rob was born a poor share-cropper's son in the deep south. After inadvertently securing his freedom during a debacled riverboat heist, Rob escaped to the American mid-west where he made a deal with the Devil at the famous "Cross-Roads".

    Rob eventually found himself opening for (then touring act) "Siegfried And Roy". Rob was on-hand and devastated when Roy's accident in Oct 2003 ended a superb run. Rob's life and career then spiraled uncontrollably for the next few years.

    Rob finally got himself off heroin and crack cocaine, and joined up with Hairy Mulligan. To this day, Rob shits himself whenever he sees a tiger (or tiger patterned bedsheets).

    Of course, none of this is true. Rob, send me the real story, would ya....

    Rob also currently stacks the decks for original act MOXY, Pat Benetar tribute Invincible, as well as Alice Cooper tribute Halo Of Flies

  • Rod Albon - Bass Guitar

    Rod Albon - Bass Guitar

    Rod's earliest influences were Kiss, Iron Maiden and Sabbath. He has been bringing the thunder since 1980. At an early age, Rod toured Ontario and Quebec for about three and a half years with 'Steel Lily'.

    After that, Rod took some time off playing bass to build a stable home-life. He has definitely achieved that and returned to the music scene in 2004 (via Hairy Mulligan) a more mature and measured player. Rod's musicianship is second to none, and has been 'in demand' locally ever since. Rod has played with an array of talented performing acts including: Top Dead Centre, Green Daydream, and TraceNine.

    Rod currently brings the BASS for original act MOXY, Pat Benetar tribute Invincible, as well as Alice Cooper tribute Halo Of Flies

  • Domenic Nardone - Drums

    Domenic Nardone - Drums

    Dom joined Hairy Mulligan in 2008. He had just started playing drums again after a 20 year hiatus and was anxious to hit the stage once again. He had jammed with some of the Mulligans years earlier so he was a natural fit for the band.

    When the band took a break between 2010-2013, Dom started uploading drum videos to YouTube honing his skills not only as a drummer but as a video editor as well. One of his videos even won him a chance to jam with Canadian legends Triumph live on Q107, Toronto's Classic Rock station.

    You can check out some of Dom's videos on his YouTube channel.

  • Dan Araquel - Rhythm/Lead Guitars

    Dan Araquel - Rhythm/Lead Guitars

    "Long-Hair, Don't Care" ...Dan has been shredding hard for decades and definitely knows how to nail the groove. His playing is meticulous as well as infectious.

    Dan joined Hairy Mulligan in 2006, playing his first Mulligan gig in January of 2007. Since then, Dan has also played in various gigging bands including Top Dead Centre, and Green Daydream, and Alice Cooper tribute act Halo Of Flies.

    Need More Dan? Visit DanAraquel.com


Random Fan Comment: “Hey Uncle Joey
Its Mary I can't wait to come to see you guys play in 3 years if u guys are still playing its going to be a blast ROCK ON!!!:-)”
- Mary