Hairy Mulligan: The Photos

Random Fan Comment: “I see you guys still playing liquid lounge in Brantford eh? Well, you might wanna call the liquid Lounge in Hamilton. They could use a good band night in there. A is A is playing there on Tuesday nights and they are pretty good. The number there is 905-545-5510. Ask for Pam and leave a message if yer looking for a good place to play and a good gig. I am Rod's brother in law BTW...lol, I own the kitchen in the Liquid Lounge in Hamilton here. Would love to see you guys play there and show them what a really great band can do. Do you guys have a bit of a following?...Was just wondering. I hope to see you guys playing soon..see ya's and the best of luck!

Trevor Dewey”
- Trevor Dewey