Hairy Mulligan: The Videos

Live musical performances by Brantford Band Hairy Mulligan. Featuring band members: Rod Albon, Dan Araquel, David Griffin, Domenic Nardone, and Rob Robbins.

Random Fan Comment: “Hello Dave and Fellow Mulligans,

It was nice to see you again last Friday. It's been awhile since I had the chance. I really enjoy listening to your sound. It's a great night out. Dave, I hope that in the near future, you and the guys will touch my heart with the Sevendust Song, Angel's Son. I know it's a little more mellow and softer than your usual, but it would mean so very much. I've never really followed a band before and enjoyed going to see them more than once. But there's something about your presence, about your sound that just makes it a great night out. I look forward to my "request" and I truly hope that I'm there to witness it's debut. Thanks, Deborah.”
- Deborah